Annie Jr.


Music – Charles Straus
Lyrics – Martin Charnin
Libretto by Thomas Meehan.
Based on Harald Gray’s comic book “Little Orphan Annie”.
The winner of the Tony Award (a prize annually awarded for achievements in the field of American theater, including musical theater and Broadway productions).
Three films have been shot on this musical:
– “Annie” (directed by John Huston, 1982);
– “Annie” (directed by Rob Marshall, 1999);
– “Annie” (directed by Will Gluck, 2014).

This is the famous Broadway story about an orphan girl, which became a real national idea for America of the 1920s, relevant for our days and our country. Producer of the project and the founder of the children’s musical and theatrical studio “Broadway Kids” Maria Prylypko chosed it, first of all, because of amazing music. In addition, she was interested in a good story about the orphan who had found a home: “Working on the show, I wanted to awaken compassion in children, show that dreams come true, and give the feeling of a fairy tale, because “Annie” is a Christmas story.” There is an orphange in the center of the plot, where the pupils have only one dream – to escape from this place as quickly as possible. Most of all because the living conditions can hardly be called human in it. But, as often happens in fairy tales, one day in the life of little orphan Annie, one of the orphanage pupils, a lucky chance came. A local millionaire, Mr. Oliver Warbucks, took the girl for the Christmas holidays, and after all he became so fascinated by the kindness and sincerity of this baby, and he decides to leave her in his family forever.

The performers tried to convey the main idea of the musical, it can be summed up in this way – the money cult will exhaust itself sooner or later, but the attitude to abandoned children in the West, that must find new family for sure, will take a root. It was the musical Annie, which was not descending from the Broadway stage during six years, exerted such a strong influence on USA residents that all orphanages in the country were liquidated, and all orphans, including socials, are raised exclusively in foster families now. Premiere of Annie Jr. took place in Ukraine on March 14, 2015 in the concert hall FREEDOM, and this event happened in the territory of Eastern Europe for the first time. Before this no one made the staging of the musical in this original adapted version on the Eastern Europe territory. The first production of the Broadway Kids studio was made in the spirit of the era when this story was written. But the director’s move of the second premiere production, which took place on December 20, 2015, was a real surprise. It was completely new emotion for the viewer and for those 32 studio pupils, who came on the stage again, having played this amazing musical on the concert hall BEL ETAGE new stage.